CCDS Leadership Offices

CCDS is continuing the process of electing leadership following our National Convention on August 22nd and 23rd.
In addition to the 15 National Coordinating Committee (NCC) members elected at our convention, we need to elect 15 more.
This election will be conducted online.

Each nomination must be endorsed by five CCDS members in good standing, and must be submitted and endorsed by Octobe 1st.
Note: endorsement here means you support placing the candidate on the ballot, not that you are necessarily asking members to vote for them!

In order to nominate a candidate, or to endorse a nominee, you must be a current CCDS member in good standing.
If you are not, and do either, we will contact you so you can bring your membership current.

If you are nominating or endorsing a candidate, first provide the following information about yourself:
First Name: Last Name:
Email address:
Then make your nominations and/or endorsements below and click on "Submit" at the bottom of the page

If you have problems, send email to

Already Elected!
Gary Hicks - Co-Chair Paul Krehbiel - Co-Chair Rafael Pizarro - Co-Chair Harry Targ - Co-Chair
Janet Tucker - Co-Chair Meta Van Sickle - to the NCC Erica Carter - to the NCC Barbara Blong - to the NCC
Carl Davidson - to the NCC Pat Fry - to the NCC Ira Grupper - to the NCC Jay Jurie - to the NCC
Karl Kramer - to the NCC Carl Redwood - to the NCC Ellen Schwartz - to the NCC Randy Shannon - to the NCC
Tina Shannon - to the NCC Steve Willett - to the NCC Mildred Williamson - to the NCC Richard Wright - to the NCC
2020 National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
Nominees (* indicates not yet agreed to run)
David Makofsky has qualified for the ballot!
Kathy Sykes has qualified for the ballot!
Marilyn Albert has qualified for the ballot!
Tom Gogan has qualified for the ballot!
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